3/06 - A Stairway to TVET

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The entire stairway was described component by component in postings, (3/02-3/05). The TVET STEPS continuum is designed to assist readers in understanding how TVET is being packaged as a learning experience. It is not necessarily a linear progression as depicted by the image, but mostly it does follow such a movement.

By encompassing four distinct pathways: SkillsFirst, SkillsFusion, SkillsForward, and SkillsAdapt, the STEPS offers a tailored educational journey for individuals at various stages of their career development. From foundational hands-on skills to advanced research and continuous adaptability, the STEPS ensures learners acquire the necessary competencies to thrive in rapidly changing industries. Emphasizing a blend of practical experience and theoretical knowledge, the STEPS prepares individuals for immediate workforce entry, ongoing career advancement, and lifelong learning.

In a nutshell, TVET STEPS is as follows:

  • Structured Skill/Academic Progression (Inner Points): The SkillsFirst, SkillsFusion, and SkillsForward stages represent a structured progression from basic skill acquisition to advanced specialization. This pathway ensures learners build a solid foundation, integrate theoretical and practical knowledge, and achieve expertise in their vocational fields.

  • Continuous Learning and Adaptability (Outer Point): The SkillsAdapt stage, conceptualized as the outer layer of the bullseye, underscores the necessity of ongoing learning and the ability to adapt to new challenges. It highlights that vocational education does not end with formal training but is a lifelong process that extends beyond initial employment and specialization.

Maya has designed a table that again captures the discussion above commendably. This table reflects the structure of the STEPS, detailing each pathway's program name, learning experience, ideal audience, and duration of study, now including SkillsAdapt with its focus on continuous learning and adaptability across various career stages:

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