Recap: Chapter 01

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I believe this is the 12th post, it’s time for a RECAP. I will continuously do this from time to time when I feel that a large theme is completed. The last 11 posts were mainly beginnings, introductions to TVET, getting a feel of the concept. It tries to answer the major 5W 1H questions that I believe is needed to venture further on:

  • Introduction to TVET360: Introduced the purpose of the blog which is to explore TVET from various perspectives, aiming for a comprehensive understanding rather than a piecemeal approach.

  • The World of TVET: Discussed the complex nature of TVET, emphasizing that it is an amalgamation of various viewpoints and that all components are crucial for its success.

  • The Silent War and The Two Towers: Addressed historical societal perceptions that negatively view TVET as inferior, underscoring the need to change these entrenched views.

  • BENICIO, The MASTER MASON: Provided insight into the early origins of TVET during the Medieval era, setting the stage for a later exploration of modern guilds within TVET systems.

  • The TVET Family: Highlighted the diversity within TVET terminology, noting several international acronyms that focus on different objectives tailored to specific strategies.

  • Series on TVET's Essentials (TVET - The Big Why,TVET Learning Environments, Greta turns 15, and THE TVET Champions): Introduced fundamental aspects of TVET including its purpose, learning environments, and key figures, establishing a foundation for future discussions.

I hope that this summary encapsulates the key themes and objectives of the initial chapter of the blog, providing you, the readers with a clear view of the discussions and setting the stage for deeper dives in subsequent chapters.

Maya and I, do hope it has been informative and enjoyable. Stay tune as we deep dive into the following chapters next.

Thank you for your time ❤️